Laser Hair Removal Niagara is now a registered provider of the Priapus Shot. This clinical PRP treatment helps to rejuvenate the penis and is known for reducing erectile dysfunction by using traditional PRP treatments.

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Laser Hair Removal Niagara & Cosmetic Nursing

Laser Hair Removal Niagara began by offering laser hair removal to the Niagara Region. Our staff consists of  mulitiple  perioperative nurses who have a passion for medical aesthetics and making a difference. 

Laser Hair Removal Niagara is now a medical aesthetics clinic based in Niagara Falls. We are dedicated to helping our patients address skin needs through preventative measures, corrective treatments, and ongoing patient education. We are now offering PRP in order to help customers with an array of health benefits. Our team understands that having problem skin can severely impact your life. Our team is dedicated in helping prevention, correction, and protection of the skin.


Permanently and effectively eliminate unwanted hair on any area of the body. A virtually painless procedure with no downtime and lasting results.  Freedom from shaving and waxing for carefree and low maintenance living.  Popular for men and women from puberty onward.  


The vampire treatment / vampire therapy (PRP) involves the use of growth factors form your own blood to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate. PRP is indicated for the aging skin with loss of tone, dullness, enlarged pores, wrinkles and pigmentation changes. 


Laser Hair Removal Niagara is the only hair removal clinic run by nurses. We offer a safe environment for all. We pride ourselves on providing compassionate, confidential and professional services and welcome all LGBTQ+ individuals! 

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